Menu - Delivered 28th September (orders must be placed by 6pm Mon 21st September)  
Spanish Chicken - GF DF
Chicken breast roasted in herbs and spices with quinoa and a tomato and black olive sauce
Pork w Winter Veggies - GF DF
Slow cooked pork in spices served with greens and winter veggie smash
Teriyaki Chicken - GF DF
Chicken mince patties topped with a teriyaki sauce and served with vegetables
Beef & Lentil Casserole - GF
Slow cooked beef and lentils in a tasty casserole sauce served with greens and topped with feta and almonds 
Chicken Noodles - GF DF
Rice noodles with vegetables and roasted chicken breast and a peanut dressing
Pesto Chicken - GF
Chicken breast and roasted vegetables with a pesto sauce
Menu - Delivered 5th October (orders must be placed by 6pm Mon 28th September)  
Beef Curry - GF DF
Slow cooked beef, with potatoes, greens and brown rice in an indian inspired curry sauce
Vietnamese Chicken Salad - GF DF
Vermicelli noodles with slaw, chicken breast and a vietnamese style peanut dressing
Spanish Rice w Chicken - GF DF
Brown rice with capsicums, tomatoes, red onion and chicken in a tomato and paprika sauce
Teriyaki Chicken - GF DF
Chicken breast with roasted root vegetables, greens and teriyaki sauce
Chicken Taco Salad - GF
Roasted chicken breast with corn, black beans and rice topped with a lime and chilli yoghurt
Tomato Meatballs - GF DF
Beef meatballs with a tomato sauce and a veggie smash