Menu - Delivered 30th November

(orders must be placed by 6pm Mon 23rd November)



Chicken Burrito Salad (GF DF)

Chicken breast roasted in chilli and paprika with a brown rice, black bean and corn salad

Beef & Lentil Casserole (GF)

A crowd favourite! Slow cooked beef & lentil casserole topped with feta & almonds

Maple-Miso Chicken (GF DF)

Roasted Maple & Miso chicken breast served w brown rice & greens


Tomato & Herb Beef (GF DF)

Tomato and herb beef mince served with potatoes & greens

Sweet & Sour Chicken (GF DF)

Home made sweet & sour chicken with vegetables and rice

Roasted Beetroot & Quinoa Salad (GF)

Chicken breast with roasted beetroot, quinoa & feta salad


Menu - Delivered 7th December

(orders must be placed by 6pm Mon 30th November)  



Chickpea & Quinoa Salad (GF)

Spiced chickpea and quinoa salad w chicken breast and mint yoghurt

Mexican Pork  (GF DF)

Slow cooked pork in a mexican sauce with veggie smash

Chicken & Tomato Quinoa (GF)

Spiced Chicken mince with tomato and herb quinoa and feta


Tomato Beef  (GF DF)

Beef mince with tomato and herb sauce, brown rice and greens

Chicken Korma (GF DF)

Homemade mild chicken korma with rice and greens

Pesto Chicken (GF)

Roasted chicken breast w basil pesto, roasted pumpkin and greens