Menu - Delivered 10th August (orders must be placed by 6pm Mon 3rd August)

Slow Cooked Beef w Mint Yoghurt - GF

Beef slow cooked in herbs and spices w quinoa, greens and topped with mint yoghurt

Chicken w Winter Roasties - GF

Chicken breast cooked in garlic & herbs with roasted winter vegetables, spinach, lemon wedge and feta

Indian Spiced Chicken Curry - GF DF

Mild spiced indian curry with chicken and crisp vegetables


Thai Chicken - GF DF

Chicken mince cooked in thai flavours served with rice and greens

Beef Bolognese - GF DF

Beef mince slow cooked in tomato & herbs on top of rice noodles with greens on the side

Chicken & Quinoa Salad - GF

Protein packed chicken salad w lentils, quinoa, almonds and greens topped with herb yoghurt

Menu - Delivered 17th August (orders must be placed by 6pm Mon 10th August)


Beef & Lentil Casserole - GF

Slow cooked beef and lentils in a moroccan spiced sauce served with greens feta and almonds

Chicken Burrito Bowl - GF DF

Spiced chicken breast with black beans, brown rice, corn, tomatoes, carrot and spinach

Maple - Miso Chicken - GF DF

Maple miso flavoured chicken breast served with brown rice and greens


Chicken Satay Noodles - GF DF

Rice noodles with chicken breast and crisp vegetables in a tasty satay sauce

Tomato & Rosemary Beef - GF DF

Slow cooked beef mince in a rich tomato and herb sauce with greens and potatoes

Green Curry - GF DF

Chicken breast and vegetables in a creamy green curry sauce